#84 – Unjustly Maligned At The Bus Stop

Nick and James discuss how to spot a feminist, dealing with trolls, and the final episode of Mad Men.

Among other things.

Two of those other things were podcasts you should listen to:

Unjustly Maligned #11 “Hudson Hawk” – link
Regular Features #138 “Richard Burton’s Urban Shit Farm” – link

#83 – One Grown Man

Nick talks to himself, and takes his own sweet time about getting it edited, because he’s a dick, you know?

“The English, English Party Manifesto” featuring Professor Jack Darcy – YouTube
Video Game High School – YouTube
David Wynne’s Rachel And Miles X-Plain The X-Men art for sale – link

#82 – (No Time Is A Good Time To) Look At Your Genitalia

Nick intends for this to be a very quick episode, but reckons without his own distracting record collection, and James educates Nick about the horrors of The Water Babies.

Also, you can tell a lot about a person based on how they say “garage”. And people drank young where James is from.


Vinyl, innit?:

2015-04-22 00-38-59.922

“The Water Babies” by Charles Kingsley – Wikipedia / Amazon
Beverly Hills Cop – IMDB / Amazon / Soundtrack
“The Neutron Dance” by The Pointer Sisters – YouTube / Amazon

I mean come on…

Or try this:

“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” by  – YouTube / Amazon
Comedy Bang Bang #341 “Banging The Table With Stars”  – link
Toni Halliday – Wikipedia

“Fait Accompli” by Curve…

#81 – Ken Dodd Cloning Programme

We’re finally back! This week, Nick is worried about genitals, and James is all about Periscope, and both of them prefer Tangled to Frozen, and tell you why.

No show-notes this week… normal service will hopefully be resumed once Nick’s life stabilises a little – chyuh yeah as if huh?

#79 – Let’s Have A Nice Old Knees Up For Africa

Alternate title: “We’re living in an Alan Bennett dystopia”

The conceit in this episode is that we’re trying to make a trailer. And we kind of were, but it’s possible that we’re not that good at making trailers.

We’re pretty good at talking though, so there’s that.

Show notes:
Paul Merton – Wikipedia
Lenny Henry – Wikipedia
Comic Relief – Wikipedia
Dermot O’Leary completes his 24-hour Day of Dance – link
Casa De Mi Padre – IMDB / Amazon

#78 – Loving You Since The Miners’ Strike

James and Nick talk about nostalgia, pop music, consent, Mel and Kim, and the murder of squirrels.

Things that may help with this episode:
“Listen To The Radio” by Pukka Orchestra – YouTube
“Can Porn Empower Women?” on Woman’s Hour – iPlayer
“The one mystery Backstrom can’t solve? Women!” Backstrom trailer – YouTube / IMDB

Ashley Vex – Twitter
Pandora Blake – Twitter
Dr Anna Arrowsmith – Twitter

Murder at Crufts – Google

“Get The Message” by Electronic – YouTube / Amazon
“How Soon Is Now” by Love Spit Love (from “The Craft”) – YouTube

“Hippy Chick” by Soho – YouTube / Amazon

Grimez – YouTube
“In The Flesh/Another Brick In The Wall” by Roger Waters (Live in 2012) – YouTube
“Oh Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison (featuring bloody EVERYBODY) – YouTube / Amazon

“It Ain’t What You Do” by Fun Boy Three & Bananarama:

“China In Your Hand” 12 inch version by T’Pau – YouTube / Amazon

“I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany – YouTube
Mel and Kim – Wikipedia


#77 – A Fat Man Smoking Cigarettes In The Rain

Nick and James talk about having too much empathy, being too famous, the neurological rationale for being a pedant, and handling fear of death and IT in children.

Things that may help with this episode:
“Dreamweaver” by Sabbat – Wikipedia / Amazon
“The Kenneth Williams Diaries” by Kenneth Williams & Russell Davies – Amazon

Reply All: “#14 – The Art Of Making And Fixing Mistakes” – link
The Worst Idea Of All Time – link
It’s Science, Bitch! – link

Leonard Nimoy – Wikipedia / IMDB / RIP
Dapper Laughs – Wikipedia
Jim Davidson – Wikipedia
Nick Bateman – Wikipedia
Kenneth Williams – Wikipedia / IMDB
Peppa Pig – Wikipedia

Noah watching My Neighbour Totoro

Noah watching My Neighbour Totoro

The Rugrats Movie – IMDB / Amazon

#76 – A Lumpy Trip

Nick and James talk about shame eating, and how their experiences wouldn’t make good sitcoms.

Things that may help with this episode:
The Professionals – IMDB / Amazon

The Professionals

The Professionals

The Office UK – IMDB / Amazon
The Office US – IMDB / Amazon
“Simply The Best” by Tina Turner – YouTube

Nathan Barley – IMDB / Amazon

“Men do cry: one man’s experience of depression” by Matt Haig – Guardian

Basingstoke – Wikipedia

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds – YouTube