#97 – A Bit Reductive

James has some good news and some pop knowledge, and Nick is an accidental Māori racist. Also, what car does Morrissey drive? And should a pig-fucker apologise for slavery?

Show notes:

“Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul:

How to pronounce Māori:

Cliff Curtis – IMDB
Temuera Morrison – IMDB

Temuera Morrison As Jango Fett

Temuera Morrison As Jango Fett

Cliff Curtis by Gage Skidmore

Cliff Curtis by Gage Skidmore









Steven Wright:

Steve Wright:

Arthur Fowler Breakdown:

“Young Women, Give Up The Vocal Fry and Reclaim Your Strong Female Voice” by Naomi Wolf – link

Peppa Pig speaks:

“Study Group”, an erratic podcast about the second season of Community – link

#96 – 21 Months To Report It

We don’t quite get the whole pig-fucking thing out of our systems. This episode is basically a running commentary of what was going on at a Starbucks in Southampton as we recorded.

Show notes:
#piggate – link
James’ pieces at Elephant Words – link
“Video explains the world’s most important 6-sec drum loop” – YouTube
“Home Ed Matters”, proud winners of the UK Podcasters Awards “Kids and Family” category – link
The Bastard Executioner – IMDB / YouTube
Z Nation – IMDB / YouTube

Weymouth-not-pier – Google Map
Grandad’s house – Google Streetview

#95 – November 9th

Nick gives James some writing advice, and James tells us a very personal story about his father.

Show notes:

Elephant Words – link
Elephant Words posts by James Gillie – link
“Laika” by Nick Abadzis – Amazon

Pot Noodle Peperami:

Lisa Faulkner – IMDB

“mixTape” by Nicolas Papaconstantinou – link

“Je Suis un Rock Star” by Bill Wyman – YouTube

Portland Bill:

“Manatee” by Captain Bogg & Salty:

Misfits – IMDB / Amazon

Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way – Netflix

#94 – The Kid With The Rat On His Neck

Nick and James try to work out what to call this episode, and also review their favourite mental health apps. James also tries to explain Cricket to Nick.


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Alternate titles:
A Sallow Walrus
I Trust Their Algorithm

Show notes:

The Talking Room: Adam Savage talks to Mary Roach – link
“Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in Space” by Mary Roach – Amazon
Burning Love – IMDBNetflix

Burning Love trailer:

Space Station 76 – IMDB / Amazon

Space Station 76 trailer:

Kentucky Fried Movie – IMDB / Amazon

Kentucky Fried Movie trailer:

Meatballs – IMDBAmazon
Stripes – IMDBAmazon

River Living Bonus:  Hendrik’s History – link

Sense8 – Netflix
Sense8 trailer:

“Hold On” by Wilson Phillips at Amazon, or here:

“What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes – Amazon / YouTube

Reginald Perrin – IMDBYouTube

Moodtracker App – Official Site
Fallout Shelter – Official Site

Farm Simulator 2014 – Official Site

Nick’s Twitter Analysis – link
James’ Twitter Analysis – link

James is way more “Angry” than Nick, is what they’ve worked out.

#93 – You Can’t Fake Spontaneity

James and Nick try to process being nominated for an award, and Nick fails to control a guest.

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Show notes:
Point Vs Point – link
“The Elephanta Suite” by Paul Theroux – Amazon
“The Burning Land” by Bernard Cornwell – Amazon
“The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend” by David Gemmell – Amazon / Wikipedia
“Raylan” by Elmore Leonard – Amazon
Sense 8 – Trailer

Wet Hot American Summer:

#92 – Darth Vader’s Evil Ministry Of Sound

James and Nick are joined by a very special guest – one of the main subjects of our show!

It is amazing!


And barely awkward at all!

Show notes:
Sprinkles – link
“Good Morning” by The Beatles (fan video) – YouTube
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks – IMDB
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks “Friendship Through The Ages”:

Bing – Wikipedia

Pando The Rando (there’s none of him beat-boxing in this one, though, which is disappointing):

HIM – Wikia
The Gangreen Gang – Wikia

Laura the bubble chasing chameleon! I mean, look at this thing!:

Winx – site
Inside Out – IMDB

#91 – Suffocating Waves Of Self-Consciousness

James and Nick talk about all sorts of stuff in a really uncomfortable place.

Not the welcome back episode anyone was hoping for, but it was lots of fun talking to each other, so, you know.

Show notes:
Star Wars The Force Awakens Comic Con Panel – YouTube
Smodcast #33 – Kevin Smith on SDCC Hall H 2015 – link


#90 – A Lot More In Common With Doctor Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

James and Nick have LISTS! It doesn’t help things go more smoothly. As they go through them, they take in smoking dope, drinking alcohol, the relative dangers of flags and guns, and toilet humour.

Show notes!:

Doctor Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine – Wikipedia
Friday Night Dinner – YouTube

Elephant Words – link
Elephant Words hiatus blog post – link

Kanye West at Glastonbury 2015 – BBC
Dalai Lama tells Glastonbury of the need to speak out on climate change – The Guardian

#89 – Is It A Toblerone?

Alternate title: “Hathing Fun With Smurths And Bingo”

James and Nick talk about how they’re both lost causes when it comes to diction (and everything else), and Nick discussed a half-baked theory of how society evolved that he only vaguely remembers.

Show notes:
Harmontown #81: Hot Dog With Lettuce (with Laraine Newman, Dr Chris Ryan) – link
We Have Issues #33 – link
Lepe, Hampshire – Wikipedia
Berwick-upon-Tweed – Wikipedia

Who Do You Think You Are? – Wikipedia

Rat Queens – Wikipedia / Amazon

Rat Queens #2 cover by Roc Upchurch

Rat Queens #2 cover by Roc Upchurch

Father’s Day – Wikipedia
Jaxxon – Wookiepedia

Star Wars #1 variant by John Tyler Christopher

Star Wars #1 variant by John Tyler Christopher

Toblerone – Wikipedia
The Lindy Club – link
Love Bedford Place – link

#88 – Oranges Are Not The Only Black

Nick and James talk about audio holograms, porncrastination, and the nature of memory. Also, why we should be scared of certain animals, and how we feel about our teenage selves.

Show notes:
Locke & Key vol 1 by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez – Amazon
Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Titan volumes:

2015-06-16 00.45.30

Steve Bissette in black & white/colour:

2015-06-16 00.49.16 2015-06-16 00.50.19

“Pop Said…” by The Darling Buds – Amazon / Wikipedia
“Pure” by The Primitives – Amazon / Wikipedia
Voice Of The Beehive – Wikipedia
Josie And The Pussycats soundtrack – Amazon
“Lets Go Round There” by The Darling Buds – YouTube

“Revenge Of The Goldfish” by Inspiral Carpets – Amazon / Wikipedia
“Generations” by Inspiral Carpets – YouTube

TFI Friday – Wikipedia

“Directing Traffic” by Inspiral Carpets – Amazon / YouTube (audio only)

Inspiral Carpets Peel Session – YouTube (audio only)
Sleaford Mods – Wikipedia

“All In The Mind” on Radio 4 – link

Pot Noodle Peperami combo video – YouTube

Megadog – official site
Marwell Zoo – Wikipedia / official site

Pictures of red pandas – Google

Reconcilable Differences – link