#73 – Interesting Times And SJWs

Nick and James sit around the Gillie dinner table, and talk about, among other things, cartoons, Tony Blair, and telling your child about tidying etiquette.

A Mad Mad Mad Mad World – IMDBYouTube
Tim and Max Learnt Everything They Know About Life From Popular Culture Episode 1: Childhood, Play and Learning – link
Battle Of The Planets – IMDB

The opening titles for Battle Of The Planets strikes a chord with anyone of a certain age and set of preoccupations:

Joe 90 – IMDB

The Joe 90 opening titles, in which he sits emotionless in a giant metal womb, ready to rebirth him into the world as a different persona, in case you weren’t quite creeped out enough right now:

Leigh Alexander’s Games Now! talk - link
John Hodgman’s 23 tweets – Salon

#72 – Too Cosy A Home In Your Heart

Nick and James do a Skype. The intention is to do a really short episode that can ease everybody from the two excellent Gillie Family episodes to the normal dour Two Grown Men Bang On state of affairs.

But that doesn’t happen. Music, anxiety, depression, cynicism and wanking. That’s the secret formula, and in this episode it properly takes hold.

Things that may help with this episode:

Macaulay Culkin’s “oh” face:

Macaulay Culkin

“When I See An Elephant Fly” from Dumbo:

(There’s a great discussion in the comments about the difference between “stereotypical” and “racist” that you should definitely read. If you don’t mind losing IQ points and hating everything.)

“Around The World In A Day” by Prince – Amazon / Wikipedia
“Violent Femmes” by Violent Femmes – Amazon / Wikipedia
“Once In A Lifetime: The Best Of The Talking Heads” by Talking Heads -  Amazon
“Once In A Lifetime” by Kermit The Frog -  YouTube

Actually, here’s that video in full, because it’s bloody odd and ace:

Down And Out In Beverly Hills – Amazon / IMDB
“Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell – Amazon / Wikipedia
“(Nothing But) Flowers” by Talking Heads – YouTube / Amazon

Actually, this video is worth seeing. Pretty great, especially considering when it came out:

“The Beach” by Alex Garland – Amazon
“Save The Whale” by Nik Kershaw – Amazon
“The Riddle” by Nik Kershaw – Amazon / Wikipedia
“Elastic Heart” by Sia – YouTube / Amazon

Nick’s clearly obsessed with this, and as it’s him typing RIGHT AT THIS SECOND, here it is:

Sam Binnie on the video to Sia’s “Elastic Heart” – link

Dumsnet episode 1 – link
Start-up #12, “Burnout” – link

“Too Drunk To Fuck” by The Dead Kennedys – YouTube / Amazon
Sheep On Drugs – Wikipedia / Amazon
“Jesus Built My Hotrod” by Ministry – YouTube / Amazon
“This Is How It Feels” by Inspiral Carpets – YouTube / Amazon

#71 – Who’s Finlay?

It’s the second special Gillie family episode of 2 Grown Men, so it seems a good time to update the FAQ. James gets started, by asking Scarlet and Nicola some Very Important Questions. To varying levels of success.

Show notes

Rose Road – link
Pam Ayres – Wikipedia
“Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul & DJ Skat Cat – YouTube

Maybe you don’t know “Opposites Attract”? It’s this:

Less Important:
Sarah Millican – Wikipedia
Alan Carr – Wikipedia

Michael Bublé – Wikipedia / Amazon
Hugh John Mungo Grant – Wikipedia / IMDB
Maybe you don’t know Hugh John Mungo Grant? This is him:


(He’s dreamy. Look at that cute awkward sort of head to the side, askance shoulders thing he’s got going on. He’s definitely more a “Jim” than a “Dwight”, isn’t he? If he were a Friends, he’d almost certainly be a “Chandler”.)

#70 – A Family Tragedy

Episode 70 is a very special show for our first of 2015 – Nick is ill, so James has two guests, one of whom gives pretty much the best advice you will ever get on making a podcast in the first five minutes. James also talks about his Christmas, and we get a new and sincerely important insight onto his current state of mind.

Apologies in advance for your ears – James failed to manage one of his guests, who was by all accounts a bit of a hell-raiser.

Also, this episode defies show-noting. Defies them, I tell you! This is not a normal episode of 2 Grown Men, so of course we’ll provide full refunds to anyone who wants one. But it is a delight from start to finish. A DELIGHT!

Hopefully back to normal next week!

#69 – Unicorn Heaven

In a very special episode, recorded at James’ tea table, James and Nick take guidance from their significant others (all four of them), discuss illness, the overstretched NHS, and equine classification. Merry New Year!

Lando Calrissian is all sex. I mean, look at him:

Lando Calrissian is all sex. (Found on the internet)

Lando Calrissian is all sex.
(Found on the internet)

Correction… we weren’t a bit “Two Ronnies-ey” in #68, we were a bit “Alas Smith And Jones-ey”

Morecambe and Wise – Wikipedia
Morecambe and Wise the Whole Story Full documentary 2013 – YouTube
Sindy – Wikipedia
Action Man – Wikipedia

Photo found on www.vectis.co.uk

Photo found on www.vectis.co.uk

From Dictionary.com:

Examples Word Origin
1. Biology. The living together of two dissimilar organisms, as in mutualism, commensalism, amensalism, or parasitism.
2. Psychiatry. A relationship between two people in which each person is dependent upon and receives reinforcement, whether beneficial or detrimental, from the other.
3. Psychoanalysis. The relationship between an infant and its mother in which the infant is dependent on the mother both physically and emotionally.
4. Any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons, groups, etc.

#68 – The German Word For Schadenfreude

Alternative titles: Shitty Pretty Dress Sayings and Nasty Nicey Talk

Nick and James talk about loads of different stuff, but fail to talk about Christmas until the very end.

The good news is it’s longer than usual! But the bad news is the sound quality is awful! Our recording situation was different from usual, and there was no way of doing a soundcheck. Sorry, everyone!

James’ amazing onion tweet that didn’t get nearly enough love is here!

Show Notes
Alas Smith & Jones – Wikipedia / YouTube
“Sarah Silverman, Howard Kremer, Ngaio Bealum, Dan Harmon & James Adomian” on Getting Doug with High – YouTube
“I’ve Been Listening To Serial” by Zach Sherwin – YouTube
“The Muppet Show” by OK Go! – YouTube
“Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” by Mel & Kim – YouTube
Magnumcast - iTunes
The Teaches Of Peaches by Peaches – Wikipedia / Amazon
American Splendor trailer – YouTube
The Green Album – Wikipedia / Amazon

Mel Smith – Wikipedia
Griff Rhys Jones – Wikipedia
Tilda Swinton – Wikipedia / IMDB
Jude Law – Wikipedia / IMDB
Brian Molko – Wikipedia
Placebo – Wikipedia / Amazon
Alex Dawson – Twitter / blog
Sam Neill – Wikipedia / IMDB
Sarah Silverman – Wikipedia / YouTube
OK Go – Wikipedia / Amazon
The Go! Team – Wikipedia / Amazon
King Edward VI School, Southampton – website
Loot Crate – Twitterlink

Voyager 2 – Wikipedia
Music on Voyager 2: Mozart, Blind Willie Johnson, Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode, Valya Balkanska and others.

Further reading:
“Hart in Hampshire remains UK’s most desirable place” – BBC
Southampton City, including Southampton Common - https://goo.gl/maps/akBhK
“Vandals Attack Jewish Graves” by Nick Walker – The Independent
“How A Tree Trunk Sounds On A Record Player” by Jamie Condliffe – link

#67 – Avoid The Paranoid

Nick and James decide not to talk about Gamergate. Also, Nick struggles with being surveyed, and James schools Nick on the origins of Reddit.

Show Notes
Tips for dealing with a toddler that slaps/hits for fun? – link

Pepe Le Pew – YouTube / Wikipedia

“Thank You For Being A Friend” by Andrew Gold – YouTube / Amazon
“Friends Will Be Friends” by Queen – YouTube / Amazon

Golden Girls Titles – YouTube
Hootenanny – Wikipedia
Scrapheap Challenge – Wikipedia
Getting Doug With High – YouTube

#65 – Superstars Of Tramp

Nick and James talk about Band Aid again, and other things, in an episode that might as well be called “confused meta-textual podcast about podcasts and the homeless and a confused relationship with privilege”.

Show Notes
Further Listening:

Dissecting Worlds S9 Ep3 “Horror Espionage” – link
We Have Issues – link
Geek Syndicate Ep 232 – link
“Do They Know It’s Christmas?” – YouTube
“Do They Know It’s Christmas? 2014″ – YouTube
“We’re Scared Of Bob” -YouTube
Bill Hicks on the Homeless (from “Dangerous”) – YouTube / Amazon

The Homeless:
“Cult of Burping Man Ron growing on the internet” – Daily Echo
“Nobby – A Familiar Face in Peterborough – Peterborough Telegraph

Adam Buxton – Wikipedia / website
Anthony Carboni – website
Jack Monroe – Wikipedia

A quick aside: Anyone who has, at the top of their Wikipedia entry, “For the Marvel superhero character”, gets instant extra credit!

From the Wikipedia entry for Jack Monroe.

From the Wikipedia entry for Jack Monroe.


#64 – Boil In The Bag Perversion

Nick exposes exactly how progressive he is (not very *sadface*) and James exposes how very well-adjusted he’s been lately (not very *sadder face*). Honestly, people, if you can get through the first half of this episode, James is pretty amazing when Nick eventually shuts up.

Show notes
Leah Betts – Wikipedia
Eddie Izzard – Wikipedia
Richard O’Brien – Wikipedia

British Prime Minister Meets w/Mom of “Manhunt Murder Victim” – link
Emily Thornberry’s tweet ‘patronising and jaw-droppingly condescending’ – link

Rocky Horror Picture Show – IMDB / YouTube / Amazon
Spaced – IMDB / YouTube / Amazon

Nine Worlds – Official Site