#55 – Hydraulic Lift And Tilt

Nick and James cover a lot of disparate ground in this episode – from Metallica to the X-Men, from the Pope to Dr Who, from Nuclear Armageddon to Adventure Time.
Special guest spot by Matt Farr and Kehaar of Dissecting Worlds.

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Urtext – Oxford Dictionaries
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Pope marries 20 cohabiting couples in sign of papacy shift – BBC News

“Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica – YouTube / Amazon
“Enter Sandman” by Metallica – YouTube / Amazon
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force – IMDB / YouTube / Amazon

#54 – Retarded Ejaculation

After a couple of weeks without recording, Nick treads clumsily through uncomfortable territory, and James talks about his first day back at school.

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#53 – We’d Smash Capitalism, Definitely

Nick and James talk about the cloud of tiny deaths that follows James everywhere, online dating, and baking.

Alternate titles:
Herbie Gets Refused Service For Breakfast In A Macdonalds And Goes On A Killing Spree
Funny, Successful, and Very Likeable

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#52 – A Single Cut Jib

James and Nick talk about 2 Grown Men’s first birthday, which this is. They also talk about some huge news for Nick and Amy, and a new lease of life for James.

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“Singer Harvey ‘Crushed Under Car’” – BBC News

#51 – Catchphrase Airlock

Nick and James talk about Robin Williams, depression, and kids and toys.

Show notes
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Further Listening:
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#50 – A Big Week In Southampton Podcasting

This week is totally a filler episode. Very short, and just Nick. Back to normal next week, we hope!

This is going to sound a bit ridiculous, but as I was finishing off tidying up the audio on this, and doing the shownotes, the news about Robin Williams broke, and I haven’t been able to get a damn thing done since. So I’ll finish off these shownotes later, and thank you for your patience!

These are the things we’ll be linking to, though, right here, if we get round to it:

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Barry Nugent
“Need Kids to Follow Instructions? Don’t Ask. Tell.” by Luise Colon
Orangutan Comics
Rebecca Duty
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Alex Fitch

#49 – Looking Wistfully At A Binary Star

James and Nick talk with Dan (of NeedToConsume et al) about Star Wars virgins and podcast life-partners, and loads of other things.

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Kia Sunda – Twitter
John Venn – Wikipedia

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Venn Diagrams - Wikipedia
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“Sex Positive Parenting, or We Don’t Touch Our Vulvas At The Table” by Becoming Supermommy -  link

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“Queen’s Greatest Hits” by Queen – Wikipedia / Amazon
“Flash Gordon” by Queen – Wikipedia / Amazon

Football Manager – Wikipedia
Papers Please – Wikipedia
Democracy 3 – Wikipedia

#48 – The Good/Bad Parent Paradigm

Nick and James discuss two recent articles, one about the judgment of mothers by society, and the other about the neurology of being a father.

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“Lady Madonna” by The Beatles – YouTube

#46 – There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand

James talks about spending quality time with his wife, and Nick talks about snacks. And James isn’t scared of Nick at all.

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