#105 – Two White Men Talk About Race

Nick and James talk about the Oscars and diversity and how they want to argue with people.
Also: Are the Prodigy monsters?

Show Notes:
Faith No More – Wikipedia
Queen’s Greatest Hits:

Queen's Greatest Hits

“Here Come The ABCs” by They Might Be Giants – Amazon

“Smack My Bitch Up” by Prodigy – YouTube / Amazon
“Kiss With A Fist” by Florence & The Machine – YouTube / Amazon
Oscars 2016: Charlotte Rampling says diversity row is ‘racist to white people’” – link
Sir Michael Caine interview – link

Start-Up #10: “Diversity Report” – link
Reply All #52: “Raising The Bar” – link

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – YouTube / Amazon

#104 – Sit Down and Do Big Talk

James and Nick talk about comedy and giving their children nosebleeds and inequality.

Show notes:
“Andy Weir: The Martian” – link

Rick from “Rick and Morty”:

Dan Harmon from Harmontown:

Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby disgrace themselves:

Denis Leary – Wikipedia
Steven Wright – Wikipedia
Sam Kinison – Wikipedia

Sam Kinison’s First Appearance on Letterman:

Steven Wright on Just For Laughs:

We Have Issues #61 (James’ solo bit) – link

Mr Robot is deep:

(but Rami Malek, tho!)

#103 – Diamond Bullet Memories

Is this a self-indulgent podcast episode, or the MOST self-indulgent podcast episode? This episode has two full grown men on it, but both of them are Nick. Sorry, everyone!

Show notes
Those “Under Pressure” (by Queen and David Bowie) isolated vocals (download here):

That Elephant Words image:

"Enola Gay" by Trey Ratcliff

“Enola Gay” by Trey Ratcliff

10/01/2016 Image – “The Enola Gay” by Trey Ratcliff – link
“A Long Long Time Ago, A Galaxy Far Away” by Nicolas Papaconstantinou – link

#102 – About Dan Harmon: The Star Wars Episode

Alternate title: “Always be flagging”

Reunited after a bloody long time, Nick and James contend with Star Wars, Nick wrestles with bad audio, and James struggles with people being allowed to have opinions. Continue reading

#99 – The Guinea Pig Is Still Alive

Alternate title: “I was a Commie chef” or “I Do Think About The Corrs A Lot”.

Yes, folks, we’re still here. This episode has been cursed, but here it is! THE GUINEA PIG IS STILL ALIVE!

Nick and James get mired in politics and ideology and stuff, and then mention their kids at the very end. So like any other episode.

(James, this is why we didn’t win that award for parenting podcasts, you know. We need to get on top of this.) Continue reading